6 Places to Visit Before They Disappear

The world has so much to offer, but not all places to see will be around forever. Check out this list of 6 places to visit before they disappear.


The world is changing, sea levels are rising, weather is taking it’s toll, and humans are causing irreversible damage to Earth. There are so many amazing and beautiful places to visit on this planet, but they won’t all be here forever. In this travel blog, you’ll find a list of some wonderful places to visit before they disappear. And an educated guess on when you should have visited it before it’s gone.

1. The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Covering more than 133,000 square miles, this reef system is the largest in the world and sits in crystal clear waters off the coast of Australia. Sadly, rising ocean temperatures and higher amounts of pollution have been causing severe erosion and it is widely believed that within the next 100 years this beautiful destination will be completely gone. For all divers, this natural wonder belongs to the top places to visit before they disappear.

In case you want to know what you would miss, Joy from mytravelingjoys took some great pictures in her travel diary about the Great Barrier Reef.

Likely to disappear


2. Olympia, Greece

“Ancient Olympia, Greece” by johnkarakatsanis is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

This historic site was home to the very first Olympic Games held in 776 BC. This area has been populated since prehistoric times and is listed as one of Greece’s best archaeological sites. Due to changing climates causing dry conditions and higher than usual heat, the area has been the site of wildfires that have burned much of the surrounding areas and come frighteningly close to these sacred ruins. With below average rainfall and temperatures continuing to climb, it is only a matter of time before this piece of history is gone forever.

Get an impression of Olympia in Lucy’s blog post on ontheluce. From a historcal perspective, Olympia definitely belongs to the places to visit before they disappear.

Likely to disappear


3. Venice, Italy

Commonly referred to as one of the most romantic cities in the world, this amazing location features beautiful canals complete with gondolas in place of streets. Tourists flock to take in the charm and beauty that Venice is known for, but sadly, it looks as if this breathtaking city won’t be around forever. Venice is sinking. And even though it was formerly believed that it has been sinking rather slowly, that is not the case. Studies from 2012 found that Venice is sinking about two millimeters (0.08 inches) per year or 20 centimeters (7.87 inches) per century. So even if you may not be concerned about when to visit Venice before it vanishes, maybe your grand grand children will. And who knows what happens when global warming comes into play.

Get a taste of Venice with these 15 favorite pictures from Let us wanderlust.

Likely to disappear

Next century

4. The Snows of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

This is truly one of the most breathtaking and beautiful places to visit before they disappear. The snowcapped mountain top is Africa’s highest mountain is an example of global warming in action. Since 1912, 85% of the snow that once covered this amazing mountain top has melted and over 25% of that occurred since the beginning of this century. It’s believed that this location will be gone within the next twenty years.

Learn how to climb the Kilimanjaro in this post by globalnomadic.

Likely to disappear


5. The Maldives

These glorious and pristine beaches have served as home to some of the world’s best snorkeling spots and high demand vacation resorts. Due to rising sea levels, the UN Environmental Program is predicting that this low lying country will be the first nation to be completely lost to the ocean, and it’s expected to happen by the twenty-first century. So for all you snorklers and beach lovers out there, the Maldives’ islands are definitely places to visit before they disappear.

For those of you who – for some reason – don’t know why you should visit the Maldives, here are some breathtaking impressions from Dan flying solo.

Likely to disappear

This century

6. Komodo Island, Indonesia

This habitat was created in 1980 to protect the endangered Komodo Dragon. This amazing park brings in tourists each year who are looking to explore and photograph the amazing coral and rare ocean life found on it’s coast. The island’s life is running out, coral bleaching and rising acid levels in the ocean are threatening these amazing reefs, and tourists are leaving a human footprint that is forever changing this once untouched island.

Likely to disappear


The world has so much to offer with its natural beauty and wonders. Hopefully this travel blog has shed some light on some of these places who’s days are numbered. Don’t miss out on seeing these wondrous places to visit before they disappear completely.

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