Suity’s first City Break – 8 Things to do in Verona

MY VERY FIRST CITY BREAK! I was so f*cking excited when I heard that I would go on my first trip, I turned red, yellow, green and orange plaid, all at once. Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet!

Suity in Verona
I am Suity, CTO (Chief Traveling Officer) at tripsuit, the travel startup. I travel the world for all you travelers out there, testing out what fits you and your interests. It’s a tough job, but a chameleon has to do what a chameleon has to do. Last week I was on my first mission to Verona, Italy. Here is my recommendation report for you.

Verona, City of Romeo and Juliet

Love, romance and great drama! Before heading off to Italy, I answered some simple questions about my chameleon personality and the tripsuit database told me everything I should know and do. They crafted an awesome list of things to do and see, so I just followed their lead and had a fantastic trip.

Things to do in Verona, Italy

So what can I tell you about things to do in Verona? This trip was about sun, romance, drama, ancient buildings, pasta, gelato, Italian dolce vita, the Romeo and Julia balcony scene… lots of things to love this city trip Verona!

#1 Espresso breakfast

Italy trip experts know there is only one way to start a day: with a strong, dark, hot espresso. Although it’s hard to drink out of a teeny-tiny cup with a 30cm-tongue, I managed my breakfast quite well in this little cafe near the Piazza Brá. Italian espresso is delicious!

suity verona espresso

This breakfast fits

  • Coffee lovers
  • Italian breakfast
  • Morning-tired chameleons
  • Budget travel

Now I was all set for my Verona city trip. Just like I turn deep-green to camouflage in the jungle, I wanted reflect all the colors of this vivid Italian metropole.

What is a trip without a quirky selfie? So I tried that. Could have worked out better. #shortarmedproblems

suity selfie verona

#2 Juliet Balcony

My first stop was a deep red – the color of love for Romeo and Juliet. The protagonists of William Shakespeare’s world-famous drama are omnipresent in Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet. You can follow their tracks, visit their homes, Juliet’s tomb, the Juliet balcony, you can buy souvenirs of all kinds, statues, jewelry, but what’s funny about all this: The whole story of Romeo and Juliet never happened like that – if you want to know more, this blog can tell you a lot about it.

Shakespeare’s story is based on an Italian tale partly based on real history, but mostly not. However, let’s be honest: Who cares about reality when phantasy is so much more beautiful and romantic? Chameleons don’t. And so I couldn’t resist to get on Julia’s balcony and greet my … imaginary … Romeo (yeah, my relationship status like my color: changing very often). But still, I felt SO adorable. Verona is the Romeo and Juliet City.

Suity Verona Juliet Balcony

On my way down I touched Julia’s boob, people say it brings luck to the love life of the boob-toucher (no kidding) – and this is why the right one is pretty worn-out compared to the left one. Last but not least I put my chewing gum on the wall behind Julia, which is somehow supposed to bring luck to your love life too. Just double-checking.

It’s really romantic to be part of the most famous love story of the world, the only thing that can bother you: Many other tourist are part of your story, too. About 3 million tourists visit Julia’s balcony every year, so be prepared to share your romantic moments with some other couples. Some tourists even wanted to touch my tongue because they wanted more luck for their kissing life. What the hell?!

Verona Julia Statue

Julia’s Balcony fits:

  • Romance
  • Couples
  • Sightseers
  • Historians
  • Culturists
  • Single chameleons in need of more love luck

#3 & #4 Piazza Brá & Roman Theater

My next stop lead me to the city’s buzzing central square: Piazza Brá, which was a potpourri of sunny yellow, red, orange, blue and green house fronts, light brown of the ancient Roman theater.

piazza bra panorama

I sat down at one of the several cafe terraces to have a lemonade (I discovered Lèmon Soda, a sweet-sour, delicious Italian lemonade you have to try!) and watched all the other people, locals and tourists, old and young, strolling and rushing over the piazza. All that in front of a lovable ancient Roman theater. Combined with warm sun beams, a gentle breeze and a blue, cloudless sky created a moment of joy and relaxation.

verona piazza bra

Piazza Brà fits

  • Experience locals
  • picture taker
  • architecture nerds
  • Cold-blooded chameleons

A short walk across the piazza lead me to the Roman theater.

suity verona roman theater

You cannot only visit it, it is still hosting events, concerts and especially operas as an open-air venue. So I sat down and waited for a smashing opera experience – after 30 minutes I realized why no one was waiting with me: The opera season was over. Dammit.

suity verona roman theater

The Roman Theater fits

  • Opera fans
  • Culture lovers
  • Music fans
  • Event seekers
  • Historians
  • Travelers who can read an event calendar

#5 & #6 More things to do in Verona

The [highlighted_text]Piazza delle Erbe[/highlighted_text] is a a lively square that used to be the social and cultural center of Verona in former times. And it is still full of people, with beautiful buildings, dozens of restaurants, markets, statues and all those things that make it one of Italy’s most beautiful piazzas, as not only Heredajo calls it.

Suity Piazza delle Erbe

I made some photos with other tourists. This one in front of the [highlighted_text]Duomo di Verona[/highlighted_text] seemed a bit close-lipped. But I think she liked me.

Suity Duomo di Verona

#7 YUM! The food of Verona & Italy

Maybe you didn’t know, but chameleons LOVE Italian food. Most of us just don’t know because they never tried it. Here is just a small collection of the dishes I had. Most of them were some of the best pieces of pasta I ever had. And boy – that chameleon had a lot of pasta in its life.

Spaghetti Vongole Verona

Trattoria Verona

#8 Verona to Lake Garda

Starting from Verona, [highlighted_text]Lake Garda[/highlighted_text], Europe’s 9th biggest lake, is just around the corner – which means a ~30 minutes car ride or an hour by bus. At the lake, nature lovers as well as water sport enthusiasts find perfect circumstances. I got up the Mountain “Monte Baldo” by lift. The height troubled me a bit…

But once I was up there, the walk down through Northern Italian nature was fantastic.

Suity Verona Monte Baldo

The Lake Garda fits

  • Naturalists
  • Hikers
  • Water Sporties
  • Bikers
  • Climbers
  • Action Sport Seekers

That was my city break to Verona

I loved everything about this trip. Ok, there are some more tourists than in your average city, but for a city break, Verona is perfect. There are lots of things to do, in Verona there is culture, romance, architecture, history, food, all the stuff you can love about a city. I can’t wait to be sent on my next trip!

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I also infiltrated a float of crocodiles (at the local Disney Store). Not without danger, but it was worth it.
verona disney store

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